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A Company Owner’s Guide to Concierge Medicine

A Company Owner’s Guide to Concierge Medicine Your employees’ physical and emotional health will establish a big part of your company’s performance. Your company is more likely to run efficiently if they are actively participating. As the healthcare industry advances and the cost of employee insurance coverage grows, many businesses find it more difficult than ever to ensure their employees without experiencing substantial financial losses. Employee health insurance may be one of the most expensive […]

Health David Guerra 

Healthy Ways to Deal With Anxiety Disorder and Depression

Depression and anxiety disorder are mental illnesses that need urgent attention. These conditions impact an individual’s behavior, feeling, mood, and thinking. People diagnosed with the stated mental illness frequently react to life’s situations with dread and fear, making it a struggle for them to make it through the day. Whether you’re suffering daily from unrelenting worries, panic disorder, or phobias, remember you don’t have to live with depression and anxiety for the rest of your […]

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Health David Guerra 

Living Green and Healthy: 5 Health Benefits From Going Green

Living Green and Saving Energy are two of my favorite topics. They explain how you can go green and save money. While saving money is essential for many people, it may not be the most crucial benefit to a greener lifestyle. Green living can also improve your health. These are five health benefits that you can reap from a greener lifestyle. 1. Regular exercise is good for your heart. Walking or riding a bicycle to replace your car on […]