We offer an original analysis of the most recent happenings in the digital marketing, technology, and social media industry. We are digital transformation and innovation partners for businesses worldwide. Our technical and design expertise allows us to deliver innovation and efficiency to enable enterprises to be ready for the future in a dynamic business environment. We are well-known for our ability to quickly execute and deliver digital solutions that unlock enterprise value. This is due to extensive research.

The 80 Twenty team delivers news and insights to decision-makers in the most competitive industries. We work collaboratively and solve problems throughout the digital transformation process, from strategy and planning to execution and experimentation. We help enterprises improve the customer experience and, in doing so, we can help you to leverage digital-driven business models.

Innovative Industry is the publisher of 80 Twenty, a leading industry publication. Our journalists inspire ideas and help to shape the agendas of thousands of decision-makers from the most competitive industries.

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